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Nam Can Tho University Medical Center A Successful Surgery For A Patient With Nasal Cavity Tumor
Imagine having difficulty breathing, nasal congestion, sneezing and headache for two years. That was the case of patient Nguyen Van S (55 years old, Bac Lieu) who was just admitted and treated at Nam Can Tho University Medical Center. He had a tumor in his left nasal cavity that covered both right and left arches, causing him severe discomfort and distress.
Congenital anomalies (Sep 25,2022)
Congenital anomalies
Congenital anomalies can be defined as structural or functional anomalies that occur during intrauterine life. Also called birth defects, congenital disorders, or congenital malformations, these conditions develop prenatally and may be identified before or at birth, or later in life. An estimated 6% of babies worldwide are born with a congenital anomaly, resulting in hundreds of thousands of associated deaths. However, the true number of cases may be much higher because statistics do not often c