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May 05,2020


Nam Can Tho University was established under the Decision No. 230 / QD-TTg  January 25, 2013 of the Prime Minister and was allowed to conduct training activities by the Ministry of Education and Training under Decision No. 1335 / QD. -BDĐTĐT April 12, 2013.

After more than 07 years of construction and development, Nam Can Tho University has stabilized the operation and enhanced our facilities, equipment, practical laboratories, electronic libraries, and computer rooms. We have modern computers, teaching and learning materials for training and scientific research with more than 12,000 students and about 3,000 graduates.  This is a resource of labor force of Can Tho city and Mekong Delta region. Teachers and students of Nam Can Tho University overcame many difficulties and challenges . We are always  proud of the mission and pioneering role of a Vietnamese university supplying an advanced academic environment for young Vietnamese people who are capable of integration and professional skills on the path of their life.

On July 6, 2018, Nam Can Tho University was given the Certificate of Education Institution Quality Accreditation by the Vietnam Center for Education Quality Accreditation - Association of Universities and Colleges. DNC officially met the quality accreditation standards of higher education institutions  confirming our outstanding efforts. This is also the motivation for DNC to continue to operate in a synchronized manner with quality assurance  and fulfill our commitment to the society .

On the basis of meeting the requirements prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Training  Center of Education Quality Accreditation  Hanoi National University has issued the certificate of educational quality accreditation for 04 regular university-degree programs of DNC including Pharmacology under Decision No. 400 / QD-KĐCL, Economic Law under Decision No. 401 / QD-KĐCL, Business Administration under Decision No. 402 / QD-KĐCL, Construction under Decision No. 403 / QD-KĐCL.

1. Staff and lecturers:

The number of full-time lecturers, managers and part-time lecturers of DNC accounts for over 80% of the total number of lecturers teaching at the University. In addition, DNC also cooperates with the prestigious universities in the region so as to have visiting lectures handling a number of subjects.

2. Facilities:

DNC has a system of lecture halls and classrooms (including A, B, C, D, E), Electronic Library Center,  Automotive Workshops, and Construction - Architecture Practice Workshops. We also have modern and spacious testing and practice centers with a total construction floor area of over 80,000m2. We are trying to complete phase 3 of facility construction.  Modern learning, advanced curriculum, for training and scientific research are our significant advantages. DNC dormitory can accommodate about 2,000 students. Lecturer resort can satisfy  relaxation needs of domestic and foreign experts, officials and lecturers working at school. We have 02 tennis courts, 01 swimming pool, 04 artificial grass soccer fields, 05 volleyball courts, 02 basketball courts, 02 badminton courts, 02 table tennis tables .

 On December 5, 2018 Nam Can Tho University started the construction of 11-storey  General Hospital with 300 beds to serve the medical examination and treatment for people in Can Tho city and the Mekong Delta region .  This  is also a practice  place for  Medical and Pharmaceutical students of Nam Can Tho University . The project has a construction floor area of 28,500m2 with a total investment capital of more than  800 billion VND.  Nam Can Tho University is the investor. South Southern Group is the construction contractor and HCM Consultant - Survey - Design Co., Ltd is the design consultant. Nam Can Tho General Hospital Project will be inaugurated and put into operation in mid-2021

On February 20, 2019 Nam Can Tho University started the construction of Nam Can Tho DNC Auto Showroom. The total cost of land investment, construction of facilities and equipment for Nam Can Tho automobile showroom of DNC is about VND 155 billion. Nam Can Tho University is the investor. South Southern Group is the contractor .  TAT Co., Ltd is the design consultant. Nam Can Tho Automobile Showroom Project  is expected to be inaugurated in August 2020

On June 9, 2020 DNC inaugurated and put into use the Multifunctional Practice Area ( area E). The multifunctional practice building is built on an area of over 10,000m2 . The construction floor area is over 18,000m2 including six floating floors and a basement with a total investment of about VND 200 billion. . The project is built on a modern model with advanced equipment, online meeting rooms according to international standards and two 400-seat halls with full of modern sound and light system to organize programs and events.This project is invested by Nam Can Tho University. South Southern Group is the Contractor . Chau Thanh Co., Ltd is the design consultancy unit. The work was done after 18 months from the commencement date. This is also the study and research center for lecturers and students to improve their skills and knowledge.

On June 9, 2020 Nam Can Tho University  also inaugurated the Institute of Research and Development of Medicinal Materials. This institute has the function of specializing health training and scientific research activities.  Scientific research and production of medicinal products are done to support disease prevention and treatment, so DNC can contribute our efforts to improve  people’s health.

Research and Development Institute of pharmaceutical materials is supplied modern machineries and equipments imported from advanced countries in the world, with an investment of more than VND 50 billion.

The Institute has successfully researched and released 03 products including 01 product to support the treatment of GOUT disease, 01 product to protect liver,01 antibacterial hand washing product with DNC brand. The products have been recognized by the Food Safety Department - Ministry of Health.

- Health protection food "DNC LIVER" helps to support, protect and detoxify and enhance liver function. This product is  suitable for people with impaired liver function due to hepatitis, cirrhosis, high liver enzymes or people often drink alcohol, use drugs or chemicals .

Health protection food "DNC NAMCTGU" has the effect of reducing blood uric acid, helping to reduce the risk of gouty arthritis, alleviating the pain caused by gout, preventing  gout changing to the chronic phase or dangerous complications.

- Antibacterial hand washing products  prevent infectious diseases to protect public health.

 The Institute is going to research and launch products to support the treatment of diabetes, cardiovascular and energy-boosting products from medicinal materials. Future orientation of it will be diversifying  and researching more  products to develop the strength of Vietnam's medicinal resources in general and in the Mekong Delta region in particular.

3. Admissions and training:

In 2020 DNC has 28 regular university majors such as Pharmacology, Medicine (General Practice), Medical Tests, Medical Imaging, Accounting, Finance - Banking, Business Administration, Real Estate, Travel and Tourism  Administration, Economic Law, Law, Public Relations (PR), International Business, Marketing, Land Management, Resource Management and Environment, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Environmental Engineering, Information Technology,Chemical Engineering Technology, Food Technology and Automotive Technology .We also associate with Malaysia University of Science and Technology to conduct international bachelor's degrees in Business Administration. We also have 02 advanced training programs in Business Administration and Automotive Technology , 02 master's degree programs (Business Administration and Economic Law). DNC has various training levels from intermediate to college and university including medical Tests, medical Imaging . In addition, we also conduct double degree and learning- working courses .

We are determined to improve teaching staff, apply modern teaching methods to promote students' self-study ability, vigorously renovate the management, programs, teaching methods and assessing students' learning results.

4. International affairs and scientific research:

Nam Can Tho University promotes international cooperation  with the United States, Japan, New Zealand, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines .Many delegations such as Ambassador of New Zealand, Consulate General of Japan, Consulate General of the Philippines in Vietnam, U.S. Science Ambassador, Regis University (USA), Australian Institute of Technology and Trade (AIBT), International Food Institute (IRRI), Tsukui Corporation (Japan) Ban)  visited us.

Foreign lecturers and students visited and exchanged their knowledge as well as culture at our university.  Daniel Wessner, Ms. Elizabeth Holdeman and Mrs. Katherine  Larson helped us organize training workshops on English teaching skills for high school teachers

The University has published 08 journals of Science and Development Economics - ISSN Code 2588-1272 (According to Decision No. 291 / GP-BTTTT dated June 26, 2017 of the Ministry of Information and Communications).

We will promote scientific research, expand international cooperation in the field of education and training, applied scientific research for both lecturers and students. This is not only a motivation and a long-term goal of the University to stabilize and develop sustainably but also for the intellectual development of students' generations with the most favorable conditions, the best learning and research environment.

DNC promotes links with businesses so as to effectively create job environment for students. Recruiting seminars and practical projects were organized with the slogan "real people, real jobs"  to ensure the reality and meet business needs.

5. Inside campus businesses:

DNC has established inside campus business models such as South Southern Group, Nam Can Tho General Hospital Co., Ltd., Nam Can Tho Trading One Member Company Limited so that we can produce   practical knowledge for students of all sectors of the university such as Medicine - Pharmacy, Economics - Law, Engineering - Technology, Architecture - Construction and Environment industry ....

We also have extensive links with partners such as TaTa International Group, ISUZU Group, Vingroup Group, Can Tho Central General Hospital, Military Hospital 121, DHG Pharma, HDBank, Misa, FPT, Can Tho City Employment Service Center, etc. to train professional and soft skills for students from the first year until graduation so that students can be familiar with the working environment of the enterprise / unit, and can work effectively after graduation.